Triple Double Skills Clinic!

Date: December 3rd

Time: Session 1: 9AM-1PM Session 2: 2PM-6PM (Only 30 Spots available)

Location: 2903 Jensen DR Houston,TX

Come ready to have fun, train hard, and get better!

Premier Basketball Training in Maryland


Think. Work. Play! recognizes that each player is a person first. Our mission is to advance the field of basketball, develop young women with active and creative minds, and be living examples of what all basketball (or any other passion) can provide with thought, hard work and fun.


Here at T.W.P! we provide a great deal of services to allow players the platform to work on their game. We provide an environment that makes it cool to work hard. Through our Private Trainings, Group Trainings, Academies, Clinics, Camps and G.O. Sessions.


“There is nothing like training with a professional who has played the game at the highest level. My daughter Sydney has been training with Lisa for almost a year and the improvement in her game has been amazing!  Lisais calm and intelligent in her teaching which makes learning easy. Her instruction has helped Sydney take her game to the next level. I wish we met Lisasooner!  Lisa is professional and reliable. We can always count on excellent communication with her and she is very accommodating in her scheduling. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer. Lisa Willis is the illest!

Mickey P. | Athlete

Developing young athletes with active and creative minds.

Why Think. Work. Play! ?



The number one essential/distinctive characteristic of T.W.P! is bringing the highest grade, superior and excellent basketball training.



Fostered ability to accomplish higher basketball performance with minimum expenditure of time and effort.



Assist players in finding the reason or reasons each player has to be and want to be the best basketball player they can be.



Consistently bringing new methods and ideas to get the most out of each players performance.



Mental stimulation to play and feel basketball and create your own basketball identity.



Showcased high knowledge and practical wisdom gained from what the T.W.P! staff has undergone, encountered and observed at every level in basketball ranging from Recreation to College basketball and Olympic Games to Professional Basketball.

Former WNBA Player/ Founder Lisa Willis

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Often times we skate around the realities (and sometimes harsh realities) of sports. Well, I’m here to be honest about them. For real, for real. Every Friday there will be a new topic in sports that may make you all question if you’re on the right page, if you’re as hungry as you say, if your sport is a statement of fashion or a statement of passion. The goal is to motivate, encourage and inspire. But I DO believe in “tough love.” See you Friday!!

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